The best preparation of a woman for sex

Many women have intimate problems that can be solved with the help of specialized products from But beyond that, it makes sense to look at other tips.

Preliminary caresses

If the fantasy of your man stops after ten minutes of foreplay, take the initiative yourself. For example, include in the foreplay sex toys like vibromassager “for two” We-Vibe or vibrostimulator with remote control, passing the remote control to your partner. Implement pleasing to you (but, of course, acceptable to the gentleman) scenarios, using a themed fetish – masks, handcuffs, game costumes. And even if your man is not the one who likes experiments, or you are not yet in such a close relationship, you can bring yourself to the appropriate excitement by yourself. For example, 30-40 minutes before the intercourse, enter the vagina special “warming up” balls with vibration or shifted center of gravity function, or bring yourself to the desired “conditioning” solo with a vaginal vibrating massager.

As for the problem of “dryness” of the vagina, today it can be easily solved thanks to a huge range of lubricants, from which you can choose the most suitable product, including those with a stimulating effect. But of course, if this problem has a systemic nature, it is better to be reinsured and go to the doctor, because it can be associated with hormonal disorders.

And do not forget about natural substances that stimulate libido – the so-called aphrodisiacs. In reasonable quantities they are harmless (unless, of course, you suffer from allergies), and at the same time are able to “raise the degree” of arousal thanks to their constituent components, such as zinc, endorphin, choline, and others. Pheromone concentrate, which can be used pure or added to perfume, will also help to create a more sexual atmosphere. The female pheromone copulin, of course, is intended to affect the opposite sex, but, as the manufacturers assure, it lifts the mood and confidence of the owners of the scent themselves.

Viagra for women, unlike for men, is in the same category as antidepressants. However, this drug does not lead to addiction and changes in the hormonal background. The fact is that such drugs in men solve only physical problems, but do not lead to the emergence of sexual desire. And the action of the female Viagra is aimed at the brain. That is why the female pill, along with the sexual excitement, solves the problem of low blood pressure, insomnia and even depressive moods. You can buy these drugs here

Reception Features

For a single reception a woman needs only one tablet in a dosage of 50 mg. It is possible to adjust the dose upwards. The action of the drug begins 30-60 minutes after ingestion. For women aged 65 years and older, it is recommended to take a reduced dose of 25 mg. To check the effectiveness of the drug on your body should take the drug 3 times. It is undesirable to use the drug if the body reacts with liver and kidney malfunctions.