Playgrounds for children

Every child likes to walk outdoors, be outdoors, run in the open air, and play with other children. Anyone lived this wonderful period of childhood and surely remembers how fun it was to roll off the slide, pull up on the bar, climb over the mazes, gather in children’s homes, build sand figures and ride on the swings, work with equipment for gymnastic. All these playgrounds, which are located on a certain territory, are called a playground.

Every child spends most of his childhood on it, but does not even think about how important the playground plays in his life. All possible turnstiles help to develop almost all muscle groups in the body, because apart from pulling up, children will always come up with how else it can be used. Riding on the slide itself is a pleasant procedure, but in order to roll down the slide, you need to climb it, climbing the stairs, which contributes to the training of lower limb muscles. No child will not just climb the stairs many times in a row, but in the game it is involuntary and fascinating, as the difficulty is sure to follow the award.

Swinging and all sorts of labyrinths help to develop the vestibular system and orientation in space. Playing with sand contributes to the expansion of imagination, memory, attention, and that is especially important for young children – fine motor skills. And finally, just running on the playground, without which no walk can do, improves the function of the respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. And communication with other children will allow to develop communication skills of the child and his social adaptation.

Of course, ideally, the playgrounds should be equipped with all the listed facilities at least in a single copy. Unfortunately, the adjacent territory, where the playground is located, does not allow you to install all the components of the construction in one place. Then it is recommended to visit several sites, which will not only change the situation, but also the alternation of loads. Thus, the physical development of the child will be correct and complete. It also makes sense to say a few words about the sites for workout.

Features of sports grounds for workout

Street workout is a subspecies of power gymnastics that does not require any special equipment. But even such a workout site must have some features to ensure minimum safety requirements for the student. Not everybody is going to be a professional athlete, but in order to keep fit, it is possible to redesign a regular Soviet-era workout site with their own hands, so the price will be much lower than ordering drawings, designing a workout site and then building a turnkey site. The main features of the workout site are as follows:

  • rubber coating;
  • shells with rounded ends;
  • multi-level horizontal bars;
  • safe distances between the crossbars.

What the workout site should be equipped with

Street workout sites can be equipped with simple bars, but there are companies that have started to produce equipment for such sites. If the customer wishes, the site can be additionally equipped with sports equipment, such as:

  • bars;
  • low bars;
  • barn;
  • swedish wall;
  • bench;
  • slanting board;
  • low beam.

If the projectiles are competently placed, it is possible to arrange a real sports ground on the ground of at least 5 x 8 meters, where at least 5-7 people will be engaged simultaneously, and the rest will be warmed up and prepared for the approach to the projectile. As additional options you can install basketball equipment to be able to engage in other sports.