Increase potency with folk recipes

For men of all ages, a good potency plays an important role. And the basis for it is the absence of stress and bad habits in tandem with a proper diet and exercise. But if you have problems with potency, unfortunately, not every man will agree to discuss it with a professional, because of what many rely on folk remedies.

It is worth immediately noting that they are not suitable for everyone and can cause allergies and other adverse reactions. So it is better to use them as an additional prophylactic, but not as a real drug to increase potency. If you want to try using specialized medicines of the modern type, visit

General recommendations

To feel the effect of folk remedies, you have to, first of all, at least for a month to give up alcohol. It dilates blood vessels only temporarily, but inhibits the onset of an erection and aggravates the situation with self-control, leading to stress. Many people recommend walking barefoot not only as a method of general recovery, but also as a means of increasing the potency. This is due to the number of biologically active points on the feet. The overall condition of the body is very well influenced by the contrast shower, effectively dispersing the blood and, logically, having a positive effect on the potency.

Effective, but aggressive methods

There are such folk remedies that are considered very effective, but which can not be used constantly due to their insecurity for the body. Among them:

  • the use of mustards (lubricate the lower abdomen with vegetable oil, put a mustard dipped in warm water, hold for up to 10 minutes, wash off only with warm water);
  • coffee and herbs (a tablespoon of ground coffee is mixed with a teaspoon of lemongrass leaves, pour hot water and put on the fire; the decoction should not boil; take it before intimacy).

Herbal recipes

As an emergency remedy among the more familiar recipes is recommended decoction of dicot nettle:

  • 100 g of leaves are poured with a glass of boiling water;
  • A spoonful of honey is added;
  • It is taken after cooling.

To improve blood circulation, and therefore an erection, you will need ginseng, honey and cinnamon:

  • 100 grams of crushed ginseng root should be poured over 0.5 liters of boiling water and left for 2 days;
  • Place on a low heat;
  • Add honey after boiling;
  • After half an hour add cinnamon;
  • Boil for another 3 hours over low heat;
  • Leave the decoction for 3 days;
  • Take a glass twice a day.

It is worth noting the availability of modern inexpensive drugs for potency, which are based on natural herbs that do not need to be infused and boiled. They have no side effects, they do not cause allergies. And if folk recipes are not easy to prepare and take up valuable time, this will not happen with ready-made preparations. You can also use specialized medicines that will help you restore normal potency. They work quickly and can be very effective. You can buy them at