How to boost and enhance potency

The topic of the article scares even the most staunch and confident men. Sooner or later everyone asks a searcher a question about how to increase potency. We will try to give a comprehensive answer. We will give different ways, which (in theory) will help to improve your sex potential; note their positive and negative sides. The purpose of this article is to tell in detail what potency in men is, how it is regulated and in what ways it can be influenced. If you are looking for special medicines, visit

How to raise and increase potency – the best exercises

You are well aware of the sensations during an erection. But do you know what chain of actions and reactions are formed in the body during this? Let’s find out. It’s funny, but the penis is straining when every single cell of it is relaxing. In the normal state, the blood vessels are constantly resisting the flow of blood, not letting it inside beyond the established norm. When the brain detects a potential sexual partner on the horizon, it gives the command to the cavernous bodies. They stop resisting and blood fills the penis, making it hard.

At the moment of erection, 50-100 grams of “extra” blood enters the penis. Blood scientists have calculated that the intensity increases about 25 times. If there is no erection, something is wrong. The problem could be the following:

  • the signal from the brain is not reaching its destination;
  • the cavernous bodies are not responding correctly or ignoring the signal;
  • there’s not enough blood to get the penis in the “working” position;
  • the brain doesn’t send commands for an erection because it has found more serious arguments in the biography. In general, if internal psychological blocks get in the way.

Another factor that carries weight are enzymes and neurotransmitters. For example, nitrous oxide. 

What is it

Medically speaking, potency is the body’s ability to complete intercourse. It is often equated with an erection. Not surprisingly, because there is no such thing as one without the other. It turns out that a bad erection = a weak level of potency. We can look at the question even more deeply. The name comes from the Latin word “Potentia”, which is translated as “power” or “possibility”. The explanatory dictionaries throw up some interesting information. They explain the meaning as “the size of a stock of energy,” “the degree of power in relation to something,” and “the totality of the possibilities and means necessary for something.

The conclusion is this: sex for a man is not just a whim or an option that can be turned on or off. It is a necessary part of your nature. If you take away a man’s ability to have sex, he loses his supply of energy and power. He will also lose the ability and the means he needs to fulfill his natural purpose of winning the most beautiful, healthy, promising “female” and leaving offspring. If you have problems with potency, it’s time to buy specialized drugs. You can do it here Such medications will help you quickly restore an erection and regain a normal sexual relationship.