Dutch Soccer Coaching Methods to Improve Your Team’s Results

The foundation for Dutch coaches is the game. There’s no secret tricks or special soccer drills that magically generate players like Johan Cruyff, Frank Rijkaard, Wesley Sneijder or Robin Van Persie. In lieu, Dutch coaches use the game of soccer to guide the players. Soccer is without delay simple & complicated, the Dutch think that the best way to learn how to play is by playing the game in the work of practice sessions.

The Dutch soccer philosophy, or playing idea, has a single aim: to win the game. The Dutch think the best chance for achieving that aim is to play attacking soccer that depends on excellent system, soccer intelligence & insight, & nice communication.

So do the Dutch scrimmage the whole practice? Not

Lots of Dutch soccer coaches will work one of the lots of important technical aspects of the game, passing, for about twenty minutes of each 90 minute session. Great care is taken to make definite that these exercises relate directly to the game. In other words, Dutch soccer coaches only work on things in practice that happen in a game. Players don’t slalom through cones in the work of a game, they won’t do this at a Dutch practice. In the work of a game, players will pass, get, dribble, shoot, etc. so these are the kinds of exercises coaches will set up for players in the work of the technical phase of a training session.

After the technical training, a common use of the remaining practice time is in game-related training. Dutch coaches use earlier game performances to isolate areas that need improvement. In the work of the game the coach observes issues that occur consistently in the work of the teams play & will generate game-like scenarios that permit the players to understand the issue, seek to find the best solution or solutions to the issue & then practice solving that soccer issue in a game-like situation in the work of practice. This system gives the players a chance to improve their game-day performance.

The most important factor of the Dutch coaching system is to always relate everything you do in training sessions to the game of soccer. Coaches have a limited amount of time to work with the players, there is no time to waste on things that never, if ever, happen in a game. In case you keep your players busy playing soccer in the work of practices, they will get better at playing the game in the work of their league & match games.

The Dutch have produced lots of, lots of top-level players & it is their use of game-related training which focuses on technical excellence, superior soccer insight & both verbal & non-verbal communication that has allowed them to maintain their success.